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{ h@ck3r M@nif3570 }  

h@ck3d by PhorLoop /usr/bin/{ Monday, May 29, 2006 }

Phracturing the internet,

Today the internet stands on porous bones of TCP/IP and weak nerves called routers. We, the hackers fracture these bones! We, manipulate these nerves.
We test the security of internet based applications for free & that by breaking it ofcource!

The best way to improve security is to break it yourself!


h@ck3r virtues
My Loop
@sTrOnGfLoPiSm <Identity>
@ANaRcHiSm <BoW brute>
@DeSpOtIsM <Distributed>

Adrenaline boosters
<f@c3 7h3 mu5ic>

Sinful you
You have stolen the internet (our bitch) from us! Do you really think you can have us pay for bytes?

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My Hidden Past
I was MesSed up Old KErnel {MAC : 5:5--4:4--3:3--1:2--2:1} dEcRyPt mE!